STAMP STITCH CREATE: 13th Anniversary Card
STAMP STITCH CREATE: 13th Anniversary Card | editable wedding anniversary cards

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The abbreviate acknowledgment is in three parts:

STAMP STITCH CREATE: 13th Anniversary Card - editable wedding anniversary cards
STAMP STITCH CREATE: 13th Anniversary Card – editable wedding anniversary cards | editable wedding anniversary cards

First, it will depend on your needs and usage. “App happy” consumers will not acquisition W10M contemporary abundant for their likes. They are not so afflicted by abridgement of a accepted operating ambiance (SOE).

Second, it depends on how important an SOE — a genised, Windows ecosystem — is for you or your employer. Maybe there is a abundant altercation for Windows (or OS X) on everything.

Finally, it may depend on how abundant acceptance you accept in Microsoft alive what it is accomplishing and how the Windows ecosystem will grow, thrive, and prevail.

So begins the all-embracing analysis of Microsoft’s new Lumia 950XL and, by inference, Windows 10 Mobile.

This is a flagship phone. Its blueprint are chic arch in about every breadth – 5.7” cloister HD, OLED screen; Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (liquid cooled); 20MP, f/1.9, Zeiss PureView, optical angel stabilisation, amateur LED flash, camera; 3340mAH disposable array with wireless Qi and fast charging; 4G LTE Cat 6 ‘world bands’; Wi-Fi AC bifold bandage MIMO; NFC; 3GB RAM, 32GB accumulator and 200GB microSD abutment …

Most reviewers to date accede the accouterments blueprint are top drawer. A few criticise the atramentous artificial slab architecture (it is matt polycarbonate and it is adamantine to do abundant with that abnormally with a disposable battery), and advance that added “Surface” like magnesium admixture architecture cues should accept been taken.

I anticipate its functional, business like, and no bigger than the accomplished Samsung Galaxy S6 Bend I accept been using.

If this were an Android buzz bodies would clamour for it! And that explains its one Achilles heel – already you accept acclimated Android or iOS you become acclimated to adage “There’s an app for that.” Sorry, with Windows 10 there may not be – at atomic yet.

That is not a activity if you are a accumulated user who aloof needs affluence software like Appointment 365 and admission to accustomed apps via a clandestine accumulated app store. In fact, accustomed that commodity like 98% of smartphone users hardly do added than use the congenital affluence and accepted apps, it is not the hurdle that Android or iOS proponents accomplish it out to be.

Microsoft is aggravating to get added accepted apps accounting in its Accepted App architecture – but this is a apathetic process. For now, browsing in the Windows 10 Adaptable app affluence is a bit like arcade at Aldi – a limited, yet functional, best of things that attending similar!

App astute (to name a few) it includes: Appointment 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote); Affluence (Outlook additional all-encompassing mail, calendar, contacts); Evernote; OneDrive; Dropbox; Tumblr; Uber; Skype; Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; Flipboard; WhatsApp; Instagram; Viber; Spotify; Pandora; Netflix; VLC; Kindle; Here mapping and Navigation; Groove Music; Film and TV; and a analytic complete set of congenital apps (including weather, money, news, sports, fitness, flashlight, etc.).

After four weeks use, this aspect has not acquired me the affair that I anticipation it would. Apart from the Coles Supermarket app not actuality accessible (and I can appearance the admonition at its website anyway) I accept not been abnormally affected. In fact, it has been a amusement not to be bombarded with Android announcement or nagged for in-app purchases.

My best admonition is that if you actually allegation accept an app that runs on your accepted Android or iOS, go to the Windows Affluence and attending for it, or acquisition commodity similar. Windows Central has a acceptable overview of Windows 10 Adaptable apps.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Google Comedy and Apple’s iPhone App are 10s) but app availability is convalescent all the time and I don’t anticipate it is activity to be a deal-breaker affair for most.

Windows Hello

It uses Windows Hello biometric affidavit as one advantage to alleviate the buzz – or you can use a PIN or leave it unlocked. It replaces fingerprint technology.

It is currently in Beta testing – it is not final. It is based on Iris (eye) acceptance and I begin it authentic and fool-proof alike cutting glasses – identical twins and photos of eyes will not fool it. Currently it alone recognises one user admitting some fingerprint scanner-enabled phones will recognise two or more. Microsoft has taken that on lath and anon will acquiesce iris scans for assorted users.

My affair is that it can booty a few abnormal and sometimes it suggests you move the buzz afterpiece to your eyes – about 20cm away. I about begin that it was quicker to use the pin if you were in a hurry. By allegory Samsung’s fingerprint is instant.

Unlocking the buzz is not appropriate to booty a buzz alarm and the glance awning (showing time and alleged notifications aback the buzz is off) is absolute functional. The glance awning is handy, advisory and you can customise what it shows, adjournment updates, or about-face it off to conserve battery.

You can additionally admission the Activity centre from the glance awning by annexation down. This is accessible to about-face on aeroplane approach or accomplish any of the added customisable functions there.

There is additionally a one-handed approach and a assignment switcher (see Continuum animadversion later) that manages alive apps (a bit like Android’s App Draw)

Rating: 7 out 10 and will alone get bigger as it gets out or beta.

Windows Continuum

Continuum is a ‘killer feature’ — for those who can use it — that allows the buzz to be acclimated as a computer aback affiliated to an alien monitor, keyboard and abrasion (wired, Logitech dongle wireless, Bluetooth, or use the phone’s blow screen). From an activity viewpoint, it makes faculty to accommodate adaptable alley warriors with a buzz and aback they are aback in the appointment a berth for basal accretion use. It may additionally accomplish faculty to those who alone allegation one primary accretion accent but like a beyond awning at home.

In an beforehand analysis I said that it acquainted like a assignment in advance and contempo firmware updates accept able this affection a little more. It is now acutely accessible to set up and formed aboriginal time for me.

The 65 x 25mm aboveboard berth comes with abounding admeasurement HDMI, Affectation Port, and three USB 2.0 ports (one with consistently on charging). It supports an HD, 1920 x 1080 monitor. It is powered by a USB-C, 5V, 3A charger (supplied and the aforementioned as acclimated on the phone). A USB-C cable connects to the buzz and provides fast allegation and data.

You can additionally casting the awning application accepted Miracast or via a USB-C to HDMI dongle – afterwards the alien keyboard and mouse.

The berth becomes allotment of the Gadgets app that links any accent affiliated to the buzz with an activity e.g. barrage a defined app aback you affix a Bluetooth headset.

In continued use the buzz did not become hot (courtesy aqueous cooling) and it did not absence a exhausted afterwards actuality affiliated for two canicule straight. Yes, Continuum works as advertised and is a acute affection if you can use it.

There are a few caveats to Continuum.

Rating: This is altered to Windows 10 Adaptable and in the appropriate abode it is an 8 out of 10 with lots added potential.

Windows 10 One Drive and settings sync

One of the added acute appearance of the Windows 10 ecosystem is that it applies to all accessories — meaning that you can do the aforementioned assignment on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and added and it is synchronised to OneDrive — if you let it. All accessories acquiesce for on-device accumulator as able-bodied but OneDrive makes it easier to aces up later.

Rating: All OS activity some anatomy of “handoff” or accompany abstracts and settings so it would amount analogously to Android or iOS.


Cortana recognises both your articulation (who you are) and an ever-increasing set of activity commands and queries. She (yes, Microsoft has bent it is a she) has accomplished appreciably aback I aboriginal started application her a year or so ago. iTWire’s commodity on her basic commands is still accordant – it is account a read.

I feel added adequate with Cortana than Siri or Google Now and it absolutely has the bend as a claimed assistant. I additionally like that all admonition it knows about me is in an editable anthology – not hidden about in the OS or Cloud. The added you acquaint her the added she can do for you.

Rating: Cortana is above to Siri and Google Now. This is arising technology so I will accord it a 7 out of 10.


Microsoft bought Nokia and if there was alone one complete to appear from that shotgun bells it was the world’s best smartphone camera technology – PureView and the Carl Zeiss lens systems.

In 2015 the best camera by far was Samsung’s 16MP begin in its Galaxy S6 alternation and Note 5. It was adamantine to booty a poor attempt in about any condition. I put the earlier Lumia 930 with 21MP (that is two abstracted 16MP and 5MP shots taken at the aforementioned time) adjoin the Samsung and while the above was great, the closing deeply exhausted it in added ablaze conditions. In part, that was due to the Lumia actuality appear in April 2014 and the S6 a year later.

The 950 is now aback as the complete baton in smartphone cameras – by far. First, the accouterments is top of its chic – 21MP, f/1.9, 26mm acreage of view, six lens optics, aback ancillary aflame (BSI) sensor, 5th bearing optical angel stabilisation, amateur LED able flash, and a committed accouterments bang on on the appropriate ancillary to barrage and use the camera from the glance screen.

While it has a 21MP sensor it allows you to baddest 16MP JPEG, 8MP JPEG and a bifold attempt 8MP JPEG and 16MP DNG (open standard, free, lossless raw angel architecture accounting by Adobe acclimated for agenda photography). The account MPs are to acquiesce for in-camera column processing, lossless zoom, and acclimation things like poor exposure.

Camera alpha is instant. Auto-focus is authentic and fast — not the fastest I accept apparent — and it takes abundant shots in all ablaze conditions. For the prosumer, a larboard bash reveals a well-designed alternation of concentric rings to acclimatize things like White Balance, Bang speed, ISO and more. Reviewers says you can accept abounding ascendancy over all of the features.

Camera lens adjustment is important – it is in the boilerplate top of the anatomy and avoids all the “finger” mistakes that appear with phones that accept the camera on the top larboard (like the iPhone).

Nigglingly however, while nine out of every 10 shots were excellent, one about was not. I cannot amount out why, except that I doubtable it relates to HDR (High Dynamic Range) and auto-focus agreement too abundant amount on the processor. I accept that an amend that allows HDR to be angry off will fix this.

The beam is able and advanced bend – you will get acceptable low ablaze accumulation shots out to about three metres. I angry beam off for abounding calm shots as the f/1.9 lens handles low ablaze and gave the best accustomed colours.

For 4K (or HD), 30fps, video recording in MP4 or H.264 is accessible with video zoom, optical angel stabilization, connected autofocus, video ablaze (using the beam LEDs), and Lumia’s Rich Recording (four microphones) gave accomplished sound.

The advanced camera is 5MP, f/2.4 advanced bend and able of HD video recording. It takes abundant selfies and Skype video calls.

Finally, I compared it to advertence shots taken on the iPhone 6S Additional and Samsung Galaxy S6 Bend cameras. The iPhone was a abroad last, Samsung mostly nipped at Lumia’s heels, and Lumia gave aberrant colour, clarity, focus, and tone.

Rating: I adjudicator a smartphone camera on how it performs in abounding automated point and shoot approach – a 10 out 10. This camera re-establishes Lumia 950XL and its PureView technology as the arch camera by far.

Live Images

The camera deserves appropriate acknowledgment for its abutment of alive images – agnate to iPhone 6S it will booty a still attempt and abduction a few moments afore and afterwards the absolute shot. So you see several activated frames authoritative up the still picture. Unlike the iPhone, however, any Windows 10 app will comedy the activated angel – absolute nice.

This feature, and lossless zoom, are address of application a college MP sensor and recording a hardly lower MP account – I accept it is alleged oversampling.


It has bifold antennas so you should be able to get accomplished accession wherever you are. I got four confined in locations best smartphones get one or two.

It has not been activated for Telstra’s Blue Beat yet but I doubtable it will be accomplished as best antecedent Lumias accept accustomed this rating. For your information, the LG G4, Huawei P8, and Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 alternation accept a Blue Tick.

The buzz app marries in with Contacts (both the accepted acquaintance app and Outlook) for accession ID. But this buzz app has gone added than any I accept apparent amalgam assorted sources – amusing (Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more) as if they are aloof acquaintance options.

I absolutely like the adaptability that this accent offers, Conference call; HD Articulation call; Skype video call, Skype articulation call; Alarm Management: Alarm waiting, Alarm history, Alarm forwarding; hands-free speakers; Acceleration dial; Alarm recording; and seamless advancement to video call.

The babble cancelling microphones, in-call aggregate and speakerphone aggregate are excellent. Absolute tests put it able-bodied advanced of the iPhone and Samsung.

Rating: 10 out of 10 – it’s a abundant phone.

Out of the Box

Phone, disposable battery, USB-C 3A charger (same as the one supplied with the alternative dock), and a USB 3.0 macho to USB-C cable. Missing is a set of mic/buds.

Carefully prise off the aback awning (that has the Qi allegation braid in it), admit a nano-SIM and the battery. There is additionally a aperture for a microSD agenda (up to 200GB).

My analysis assemblage was fabricated in the above Nokia branch in Vietnam. It feels solid, well-made, and the anatomy is congenital from matt atramentous polycarbonate that has a acceptable anchor factor. The disposable aback agency that you can admission a growing ambit of blow on appearance covers.

It measures 151.9 x 78.4 x 8.1mm and weighs 165g. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Bend is 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9mm and weighs 153g. This is a little thicker to abutment the disposable array and the six lens camera.

Battery, fast charging and wireless

The 3340 mAh array will accommodate at atomic two canicule of reasonable use – as a buzz and Wi-Fi or carrier affiliation for email, casual SMS and internet search. Constant Bluetooth use reduces this by about 30%. The adeptness appraisement is 62 hours which is not as acceptable as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Bend at 83 hours. The closing will additionally accord two canicule of boilerplate use.

Anniversary Card and E Cards for Special Friends | HD Wallpapers Rocks - editable wedding anniversary cards
Anniversary Card and E Cards for Special Friends | HD Wallpapers Rocks – editable wedding anniversary cards | editable wedding anniversary cards

But with fast allegation you can go from aught to 50% allegation in 30 minutes. Qi Wireless charging is added about crawl and on-demand charging — leave it brief and it will intelligently allegation — no overcharge.

Rating: 9 out of 10 artlessly because the Samsung lasts a little best – both accept Qi and fast charge.

Display – the best I accept anytime apparent yet the accepted alpha awning is absolutely dull

The 5.7”, Super AMOLED, 518ppi affectation is the best I accept anytime apparent yet its breeding is hidden by a addled Windows 10 absence colour scheme. It is adequate by Gorilla Glass 4.

It has Nokia’s ClearBlack technology – basically a blaze abbreviation polarisation clarify that works able-bodied with the auto-light sensor to accord acceptable readability in all ablaze conditions.

I played with alpha awning images, colour schemes and more, removing every evidence of the Windows 10 defaults and got some abominable combinations but in the end the awning is not about capacity but about announcement adored photos or videos.

It is time to acknowledgment the alpha awning tiles. I am a fan of the alive asphalt arrangement – it is clear, simple and awful customisable. There is allowance for 15 big “live” tiles (able to continuously update) – three beyond by bristles deep. These can be angled in admeasurement (weather, for example) or angry into division admeasurement potentially giving 60 tiles on the alpha screen. The awning will annal bottomward if you beat this number.

Every asphalt can be moved, removed, resized and you can additionally about-face contacts and added admonition into tiles. I like actuality able to columnist a asphalt to alarm the wife. It leaves Android and iOS for asleep in agreement of flexibility.

If you bash larboard it reveals an alphabetic advertisement of all apps and features. In all its acutely analytic and clean.

Rating: If you like alive tiles (and you will) rather than skeuomorphic or collapsed icons — and I do — then it’s a 10 out of 10.

Under the bonnet

Qualcomm’s 2015 flagship Snapdragon 810 is acclimated – 4 x 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57 and 4 x 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 cores with 3GB RAM, 32GB accumulator and abutment for USB accumulator accessories too. Basemark tests put it on par with the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 series.

The 810 processor accustomed a bad rap for overheating which led to smartphone manufacturers accepting to burke aback the chip, with lots of adeptness wasted. Microsoft uses an avant-garde aqueous cooling arrangement (more a bankrupt bend aqueous calefaction exchanger) that gives it admission to the abounding adeptness afterwards the calefaction issues.

This is as acceptable as it gets until we see the 820 (in the new Samsung S7 perhaps) in aing year’s flagship Lumia/Surface.

Wi-Fi AC bifold bandage MIMO is absorbing and gave me a “ludicrous speed” – over 800Mbps affiliation to a Netgear Night Hawk X4S AC2600 router over 30 metres away. I accept a 100/3Mbps internet affiliation and it consistently accomplished that via the router.

Using Telstra 4G I got 100/9Mbps – this is a actively fast 4G accent (Telstra does not abutment Cat 6 in my breadth yet).

It has Bluetooth 4.1 LE, GPS/GLONASS/BDS, FM radio, NFC, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, sensor amount and more. The sensor amount is affiliated to Apple’s M9 coprocessor and enables consistently on and ambience awareness.

Rating: The best accouterments in any accepted a flagship phone. 10 out of 10.


There is a lot of allocution about iOS and Android – best of it is fearmongering. Android is accomplished for customer use if you accept chargeless or finer paid AV/Malware protection. Apple will not let AV companies into the orchard so you await on it to accumulate you safe and every AV aggregation says iOS is the aing hacker advance vector.

Windows (desktop) has, aback its inception, had bacilli and malware. It will abide to do so but so far W10 has slowed, if not stopped, hacks and virus.

W10M has an affluence of aegis appearance that should accomplish it the safest customer and activity OS bar none – including Blackberry.

From what I can see this is the baton by a continued way. In addition, it can application OTA (over the air and absolute of the telco) to ensure that vulnerabilities are apace addresses.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

And the champ is – whatever you like!

The Lumia 950XL (and for the best allotment the abate 5” 950) are an accomplished foundation for the barrage of Windows 10 Mobile.

It has been too continued amid drinks – the old Windows Buzz had absent its appearance and bazaar share. Microsoft took its time to get aggregate appropriate — two years at atomic — and this gave Apple time to barrage the abundant bare beyond 6S and Additional and for Samsung to consolidate its advance in the Android world. In football chat it is adamantine to achieve the brawl afterwards you accept alone it.

In fact, while the Windows Buzz 8.1 asphalt card arrangement is allotment of the afflatus for W10, the acquaintance stops there. Underneath the apparent this is a serious, 99.9% different, Windows OS that I am blessed to advance is the best feature-rich, defended adaptable OS of all – beeline out of the box.

On the additional side, it is a contentment to use, it is absolute Windows 10 like, the camera is awesome, and the accouterments is top draw. On the abrogating ancillary is the app issue.

The added you use it — and I beggarly use it in a affluence faculty — the added you realise that iOS and Android are adaptable operating systems and W10M is a absolute deeply chip allotment of the Windows 10 ecosystem. Afterwards aloof a few weeks use I now see it as a analytic addendum of my Apparent book and Windows desktop.

I anticipate accumulated acceptance of the 950 and XL will be a no-brainer. Here it will booty sales from iPhone, if alone for the aegis and accordance W10M offers. And Microsoft is added acceptable to sweeten the accord to get 100% of the ecosystem.

I anticipate customer acceptance will be challenging. To a ample amount that depends on what the 40 or so OEMs do with their versions – price, colour, appearance etc., and if App developers can be motivated to cull their fingers out and get the cardinal of Accepted Apps up. Or that a Accepted App works on Xbox and every Windows accent – buy already and use abounding – so there is a best appellation d play.

Personally I will abide to use it if alone to be able to present a counterpoint to those journalists that are Apple aficionados or FanDroids. I accept absolutely enjoyed the Samsung Galaxy S6 Bend (and possibly the accessible S7) and I accept some abundance alive Samsung/Android is there, aloof in case.

Microsoft has delivered in spades and again some!

iTWire smartphone archetype – a fair appraisement arrangement

iTWire has accustomed Australian paradigms for:

Note the afterward blueprint are indicators alone of what comprises the majority of offerings in their corresponding categories.



Lumia 950LX

Rating out of 5 ( or – may be used)



Note/Phablet 6”



Screen blazon and quality


Super AMOLEDClearBLack


Pixel per Inch




Glass (equiv)

Gorilla 4

Gorilla Glass 4



HD to QHD (4K)




64-bit, 8 Core, Big/Little e.g.

Qualcomm 8XX or similar

Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810

Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 Quad-core 2 GHz Cortex-A57

GPU Adreno 430


personalised ruby wedding anniversary card by ello design ..
personalised ruby wedding anniversary card by ello design .. | editable wedding anniversary cards

Memory RAM









up to 128GB

Up to 200GB additional alien USB HDD accumulator (Windows book arrangement compatible)



Global bands. Cat 4

LTE FDD network: Bandage 1 (2100 MHz), Bandage 2 (1900 MHz), Bandage 3 (1800 MHz), Bandage 4 (1700/2100 MHz), Bandage 5 (850MHz), Bandage 7 (2600 MHz), Bandage 8 (900MHz), Bandage 12 (700 MHz), Bandage 17 (700MHz), Bandage 20 (800MHz), Bandage 28 (700 MHz)

TD-LTE network: Bandage 38 (2570-2620 MHz), Bandage 40 (2300-2400 MHz)



If accessible provides 2 x 4G slots

Available in some markets


Telstra Blue beat rural


Not activated but awful acceptable to access the Tick



AC bifold antenna

Wi-Fi AC, bifold band, MIMO










Mapping software and maps

At atomic one chargeless mapping arrangement – Google or HERE




4.1 LE

4.1 LE





Ambient light




All additional things like

heart rate



Sensor Core

Iris scanner



Ambient light






(Assumes Micro USB or Lightning)


At atomic a day

Anniversary card, mum and dad anniversary, mum dad anniversary ..
Anniversary card, mum and dad anniversary, mum dad anniversary .. | editable wedding anniversary cards


3340mAhUSB-C cableUSB-C 3A charger


Fast allegation and/or Qi


Qualcomm fast charge50% in 30 minutesQi allegation accepted


Camera Rear

16MP <f/2.2, OIS, A/F, Twin flash, BSI sensor, 4K record

20MP, f/1.9, 26mm advanced angle, IOS, A/F, amateur LED flash, BSI sensor, 4K record


Camera Front


fill flash

5MP, f/2.4


Screen to anatomy arrangement (higher bigger as it affects dimensions) or keyboard


74.31.9 x 78.4






Looks – awful subjective

Premium body and finishes

Uses matt atramentous polycarbonate (Nokia style)



>150g (or 30g per inch of awning size)

165 (under ambition weight for 5.7” screen)


Operating system

Latest adaptation with upgrades for at atomic 2 years e.g. 5.x and 6.x updates

Windows 10 MobileFree upgrades for activity of the device


User Interface (UI) Bloatware

Does the UI add value, adeptness to customise

Live Tiles user interface is awful customisable


Video, Audio codecs

Full suite

Full apartment – some issues with AC3 (Apple) codecs



Premium arch buds and mic

Not supplied



Curved screens, HDMI out, voice/gesture control, docking, apparatus learning, acquittal systems, commodity different

Continuum berth (option)Windows Hello iris scan





IP or ruggedized


No – accomplished for accustomed use



2 years

1 year


Service in Australia

Very important





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